Questions of Self Honesty

What do I really love?
How do I really want to live?
What inspires me?
What is essential for my soul, for my true inner wellbeing?
What would I like to express?
How can I bring this into my life?

The Women’s Lodge

What is a Women’s Lodge?

Originally, a lodge is a kind of a hut, in former times often built from willow branches in semispherical form and covered with beautiful blankets or skins. The subtle and physical lower hemisphere is the earth that carries us. A Woman’s Lodge is always beautifully furnished and decorated to make women feel comfortable and aware of their innate beauty and wealth. This shared time together is meant to foster exchange, to receive inspiring information as well as for laying down burden and allow restful recovery.

Once a year we come together for one week in a wonderful house on the North Sea coast in Denmark which offers us a beautiful space for all our nourishing circles and creative activities. The landscape perfectly supports us in having a refreshing time with renewing views and insights: a beautiful long and wide beach for walking and becoming clear, lovely dune places for relaxing and looking out, the intriguing smell of dune roses and above all the wide blue sky arching over the far and wide horizon line.

What is the purpose of these annual Women’s Lodges?

It makes sense for a woman to reflect on herself at times, on her being a woman and what that means and entails, and on her wellbeing. Allowing herself to relax and to regenerate her powers, she will have plenty of free time for herself to perceive her own free nature reflected in the free wild nature of the North Sea and the dunes. She may reflect what she likes about herself and her life and which things or conditions she might want to change. To gain clarity about this, certain powers can be of great help. Every year we turn to and learn of particular powers which support women to feel their soul and promote their personal development of self-confidence and self-expression.

Talking circles and creative exercises for deepening reflections are finely interwoven into the days and evenings, bringing forth inspiration and holistically strengthen our authentic being and a genuinely fulfilled life.

Some former titles of the Women’s Lodges were „LOVE POWER“ (2017), „IMAGINE“ (2018) and „SPEAKING IN LIGHT“ (2019). In the coming years, we will work on our “VISIONS OF BEAUTY”. We will then enjoy the 11th Women’s Lodge since 2003.


Die Kraft der Selbst-Ehrlichkeit.
Warum ich Frauenhütten ins Leben rufe
(in German language).

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