Which nut would you like to crack?

An analytical and creative conversation
in a trusted environment
can become a crucial turning point.


Empowerment Consulting

Whether you are dealing with personal or professional issues or you need support with small or grand projects, private or public endeavors, an analytical and creative discussion in a trusting framework can bring about the decisive change.

Empowerment literally means strengthening, enabling and equipping. Empowering People & Projects is a strength-oriented process by which individuals, projects and organizations develop greater clarity, response-abilities and decision-making skills. One of Regina Körten-Knott’s strongest core competencies is to individually design and accompany this analytical and creative empowerment process.

As a client you will benefit from her ingenious and crystal-clear analysis. Stimulating and practical tips will foster the use of creative ideas and promote the implementation of smart decisions. The external vantage point of a professional consultant helps you gain a better overview and smart realizations which will result in the desired positive change.