Higher Levels

Looking and analyzing from a higher and holistic perspective promotes smart, responsible and successful development.

We are dedicated to empowering truly intelligent Visions of Beauty.

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Current Self- & Project-Empowerment Trainings

The First Ten

Teachings / Mirrors / Powers
 Next beginning: 2023
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The Empowerment Pearls

Advanced Training für graduates
Next beginning: 2023

Who do you want to become? 

What do you really want to experience and create in your life? 

Do you have dreams, hopes, imaginations, desires? 

What should become NEW in you and your life?

Self Empowerment

Whether you are dealing with personal or professional issues or you need help with private or public endeavors, an analytical and creative discussion in a trusted environment can become a crucial turning point…

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Project Empowerment

From creating a clear vision to holistic project analysis to fostering goal-oriented strategies: Nourish the seeds and prepare the grounds so that your projects will bear abundant fruit…

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Regina Körten-Knott

Empowering Consultant and Self-Leadership-Coach. Inspiring Author and Speaker. Creative designer of unique empowerment seminars and workshops…

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Women's Lodge

It is of great beauty for women to take out a special time for regeneration and renewed inspiration. Gaining strength and creating new visions within a joyful circle of women of many ages and from all walks of life…

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Speeches, Lectures and Readings

Inspiring, touching and empowering: The speeches and readings of Regina Körten-Knott move the audience in a multitude of ways…

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The sincere and heartfelt voices of her clients and students provide a rich insight into the nature of the collaboration with Regina Koerten-Knott…

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