How can I envision the encouraging conversations and Empowerment Trainings with Regina Koerten-Knott? Could they be of any value to me? Here, clients and students share their personal experiences in many voices and provide a rich insight into the nature of the collaboration and its intricate effects.

From the Heart

How many people you have touched in their souls and hearts – often just by spending time with them. Those who learned with you were challenged to explore themselves and their lives, and most of the time this resulted in us becoming aware of some things that needed changing. You have the ability to communicate this with so much love and warmth, and to pave the way for new perspectives and transformations in powerful ceremonies and trainings.

I want to THANK YOU for being in my life, for your love and friendship, and for all that I have learned and experienced through you – my life has always been enriched by it.

Gabriele Körner, MTA & medical product developer at ZytoVision GmbH, Bremerhaven. Loves shopping at the weekly market, gardening and strawberries.

„I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all the obstacles in my way
gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
it’s gonna be a bright sun shining day.“ 

(Jimmy Cliff, „I can see clearly now,“ lyrics Johnny Nash)

Dear Regina, this song immediately came to my mind when I sat down to write these lines. Not only because I got to know it through you, but also because it symbolically expresses what I have learned from you over the past 18 years. In so many moments you „chased away the rain“ and made me see clearly again. You have made things that seemed complicated, hopeless situations, abandoned relationships, difficult decisions suddenly become „clear“. You have taught me to look behind things, situations, people, myself and to detect, recognize and acknowledge their and my motives. After every conversation with you I feel a great clarity, relief and the certainty that every rain is followed by sunshine. And also by rain again 😉

I have learned so much about myself and for myself through you. Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. You were so often an important support, understanding advisor and a patient teacher for me. You taught me how important it is to be mindful of myself and all my feelings and my experiences, to notice them, to look at them, to recognize their beauty, to balance them, to tap into them, to accept them and also to say goodbye to them. You gave me a ‚toolkit‘ to work with when I was young, and now I feel well trained and equipped for all that is to come.

THANK YOU. Thank you for your words, your prayers, your hugs. Thank you for your strength, your vigilance, your support. Thank you for Jimmy Cliff, our conversations, your sensitivity. And so, from the bottom of my heart, One Love.

Yours, Katharina.

Katharina, media and cultural scientist, Düsseldorf. Loves the sea, Scandinavian crime novels and chocolate.

She is a Guide

Regina Körten-Knott is one of the „old sages“ who have existed in all societies and cultures, regardless of their biological age, and who have always been asked for their opinion because of their foresight and understanding of human being and becoming. I personally grasp her knowledge and information above all within my heart, because there it always touches me deeply. And at the same time, she challenges and encourages my mind, my inspiration, my creativity and my agility.

Especially with regard to our life today and tomorrow, here and all over the world, in which it becomes more important to ask the right questions and not being misled by easy answers, she is a guide, a pathfinder with smart ideas and an almost unshakable love for life on this our only planet, our home.

She is one of a kind. Like all of us, by the way… which she always reminds us of and encourages us in our individual expression.

Susanne Michel, Senior Product Support Specialist at a medical device manufacturer in Jena, Germany. Loves good tools, dedicated people and smart ideas.


I honor you as a deep-rooted free-flying navigator of many worlds, a humorous Medicine Person of the warmest rank. For your reflections and friendship, I am deeply grateful. Without you, I would neither be where nor who I am.

Your friend, a bird who loves thermals.


In the morning dew of this collection of references, the essence, the diversity and the beauty of Reginas web shines through, widening my own view and touching me deeply right now. So many individual and special reflections of the same light source, so much genuine love and gratitude. I read this and feel reminded of something that I sometimes forget. Something deeply human that softens me and warms me from within. Maybe that’s the core of One Love and real Higher Levels. Maybe that’s the greatest treasure we get from Regina.

Peaces, Atelier for Free Living, Freiburg, Germany, Loves warm people, conversations around the campfire, and the beauty in the details.