Regina Körten-Knott was born in 1959 in Schleswig-Holstein an der Elbe, Germany.

She pursued her education and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Communication Sciences, Journalism and American Studies at the Free University of Berlin and at the University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, specializing in cultural sciences, literature, philosophies and freedom movements.

She went on to study Self Development and holistic Earth Life philosophies with international teachers for many years. She became a Creative Communication Consultant and Development Coach.

She was the founder and director of the One Love Institute for Creative Communication (1996 – 2007). Within this organization, she provided individual consultations and developed uniquely inspiring seminars, Earth Life Ceremonies and Communication Trainings.

She founded the company “Higher Levels – Empowerment for People & Projects” in 2008 and is internationally active as an analytical consultant and holistic senior advisor for people, projects and businesses. She is renowned for her inspiring seminars and Empowerment Lodges. At times she captivates audiences as speaker, guest lecturer and story teller.