How can I envision the encouraging conversations and Empowerment Trainings with Regina Koerten-Knott? Could they be of any value to me? Here, clients and students share their personal experiences in many voices and provide a rich insight into the nature of the collaboration and its intricate effects.

Empowerment Training

The Higher Levels Self- & Project-Empowerment Training is perfectly suited for our current time, both in terms of content on the highest level and the professional and modern implementation. In regular online meetings, we trainees meet in a protected virtual space that allows us learning and exchanging ideas together. These focused meetings take place in a remarkably personal and face-to-face atmosphere, in an enriched time, substantial and sincere. We use the time between meetings for self-study in both senses of the word: we individually and independently study the information shared and then apply it directly and personally to our own lives.

Susanne Michel, Senior Product Support Specialist at a medical device manufacturer in Jena. Loves happy ends, swallows and champagne.


Time and again, when I look back into myself after conversations with Regina, I experience how much more mentally clearer, liberated, and encouraged I feel. I see the path I want to take more vividly, I let go of worries, the „but’s“ and „maybe’s“. I change my perspective on my life. I affirm it completely. I experience a gratitude for this life of mine, and a loving will to enjoy and use this unique opportunity of life to bring some good into the world. That is why I am currently participating in Regina’s Self- & Project-Empowerment-Training.

Theresa Sigusch, author and editor, Berlin, Loves dancing for hours, lively conversations and the fact that this list could go on so long and varied. 


The Higher Levels Self & Project Empowerment Training provides me with regular, rich and multi-layered learning about myself. Inspired with new ways of thinking and crystal-clear analysis, I am encouraged to reflect honestly. Should I like, I can share my insights in a protected training space and receive valuable feedback or inspiration from the contributions of other students. Regarding my ideas for developing possible projects, I use the concrete hands-on and reflection tools of the training sessions which invite contemplation and implementation.

I love the moments, not only during but also in between the training meetings, when something „clicks“ for me: the big and small moments of Ah! Ha! and deep understanding, where everything comes together logically and unravels. This in-depth training is designed with the intention to enable me to apply the contents in very tangible and result-oriented ways in my life and in my projects.

Dr. Johanna Hoeffken, Assistant Professor Innovation Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. Loves traveling to sunny countries, veggies and Asian food, and swimming in the morning. 


I experience the Higher Levels Self & Project Empowerment Training by Regina Koerten-Knott as an immense treasure to engage more consciously with myself and my life.

The interplay of high quality and very lively online meetings which are specifically geared to the needs of all participants, the tailor-made training tasks which ensure that the training content is thoroughly reflected and internalized, and the individually illuminating in-depth consultations with Mrs. Koerten-Knott, as well as the mirroring of insights provided by the other training participants, enable the greatest possible and truly powerful development of one’s own personality and the selected projects.

Regina Koerten-Knott has a unique and exceptional way of profoundly stimulating all training participants and encouraging them to pursue their own individual paths of development. With her sound understanding of human nature and her immense knowledge of powerful and effective ways of self-development, she offers the ideal mentoring for all who wish to truly explore and express themselves, their own dreams, abilities and possibilities.

Gabriele Körner, MTA & medical product developer at ZytoVision GmbH, Bremerhaven. Loves handicrafts, walks on the beach with her feet in the sea and culinary evenings with friends. 


Regina has supported me to become more self-honest and truthful, to better identify my strengths and to find ways to deal with my challenges. The empowerment training is an incredible mix of powerful and inspiring inputs, lots of space for self-reflection and an amazing group of students. I love learning in this training circle, both with and from each other, and about how to create my life in an even more self-determined way, starting with asking myself „What do I REALLY want?“ In that process, I also begin to reflect deeper on how I can deal with all the aspects that internally and externally prevent me from realizing my dreams – and first of all: even starting to realize what dreams I have.

Lena Gerdes, PhD student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of Socioeconomics. Loves drinking coffee in the sun, watching tomatoes grow and laughing together.


During these first six months of our ongoing training, we have received relevant information to unlock some helpful inner forces and set our individual processes in motion. Besides the practical doing of homework, the regular individual online meetings with Regina provide a dynamic impetus to my training. I am currently facing an existential challenge within myself and my project if I am to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Regina accompanies me professionally and with great patience. For this I am very grateful.

Sylvia Sigusch, graduate psychologist in private practice, Berlin, Loves learning, in-depth understanding and getting involved.